head in wallEngaging Imagination is  the companion site for our book Engaging Imagination: Helping Students Become Creative and Reflective Thinkers, a little corner of cyberspace for discussing how to develop imaginative and creative pedagogies, and a blog on these (and other subjects). You’ll also find information about us here, Alison’s Twitter feed, and links to blogs and resources that we think are worth a visit.

The site has two principal parts: Engaging Imagination: The Book contains materials which supplement our chapter content, grouped by themes and with additional videos, activities, links, and articles. Alison’s Blog offers (not quite daily) ruminations on the thoughts, issues, conundrums, ideas and questions that she encounters while developing her teaching practice and philosophy of creative reflection.

In writing together, we selected examples of inventive approaches to teaching and learning which made an impact on us, and are conscious of so many more in use that we have not touched on. We hope that in sharing and discussing them with you through the book and this site we will be able to add to them as our conversations unfold.


Alison James and Stephen D. Brookfield

Banner image of boat by kind permission of Fiona Graham

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. This is a wonderful resource and companion to the book. I just bought the book and really enjoy perusing it. There are so many interesting activities, and it is written in such a warm tone. I love that it feels like a dialogue between the two of you.

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