Fallen leaves, new leaves


leaves on campus

I have finally had time to revive these pages and it has made me realised how abandoned my blog has been while I have been busy doing other things.

A bit like the glorious images you can find on Instagram here, just not as exotic…

It has rather been like tidying out the attic and realising both how much dust has gathered while you have been elsewhere, and also how much enjoyment the things in there have brought, even if they need a bit of a clean up.

So my resolution to self, having had my pages- polish- and- purge is to turn over a new leaf to keep these posts alive, rather than just writing in more formal locations, and update them with stories of the different activities I am involved in. This is as much for my benefit – to capture the learning and contacts and inspirations that I gather through my daily activities. So many questions and occurrences and so little time, and so important to make the space for those that matter… especially when we often spend parts of our working lives having to learn and remember things that are expedient but which we would rather not have to know.

At the moment my own learning and development is blissfully supported by Autumn, as it involves foraging for and identifying mushrooms and fungi. It is teaching me so many things that are analogous with our approaches to learning in formal settings (book in the offing!) but two for now are

  1. remember to look up as well as down

treetops frenshamEssential advice when we can get so anchored and overwhelmed in the attrition and uncertainty of some aspects of our higher education existence…


2) There is growth and newness to stimulate our curiosity and it’s been around us all the time. We just have not known how to notice itme holding tiny mushrooms on pine cone