The Value of Play in HE is live!

Anyone who has ever designed a survey will be familiar with the endless iterative scurryings and tweakings that go on as you create it. All the elements that seemed straightforward, clear and sensible (in your head) suddenly seem plagued by ambiguity, misleading semantics, technical trip-ups, ethical tigertraps, and general design grimness when you try to construct it.  You get to the point of wondering if you will ever be able to press launch.

But, dear reader, it has come to that point.


(see Note 2)

I am delighted to say that as of 2pm today my survey into experiences and perceptions of play and its value has gone live. Over the coming weeks my dream is for it to be distributed as far and wide as possible, so that I can add to the picture that has started to emerge of play practices in HE. I’m also so excited to see how its findings will contribute the ‘out and about’ phase of the project (April 20- April 21) when I’m going to be engaging in play related interviews, activities, workshops and events to take it all further.

Do please, if you can, fill it in, circulate it, spam it,  share appropriately, let me know if you think there are people I should be talking to that I don’t know about.  And THANK YOU.

Note 1: if you have not yet clicked on The Value of Play page to find out more info about this venture, do please click on the links and explore!

Note 2: Thank you Sassy Girl on Giphy and Suzanne Faulkner – I have longed to find a reason to use this!