Part of a coach’s role is to fulfil a purpose for a finite time and then the coachee moves to new things. Life paths change and sometimes you lose touch.  Sometimes, they are kind enough to tell you later how they are. I was really delighted to have this message out of the blue this morning and Vicky  was kind enough to give me permission to share her words.

I just wanted to say thank you for the coaching we did all those years back, it played an important part in my movement and development at work and I’m so much happier in my role. I am also a life coach now, working one day a week with my own practice, and making money from that. I’m very grateful that you were selected as my coach. How are you? I hope you are still creating positive impact to those around you. Vicky Fabbri. March 4, 2022.

So great to hear after time has passed that a) things worked out well for someone and b) that we as coaches have had a small part in it. I feel very lucky with the people I get to coach as well.

Please read on for an introduction to coaching and if you would like to know more about  how I can work with you please email On my Testimonials page you will also find some other great feedback from past coachees.

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Coaching. By Nick Youngerson.CC BY-SA 3.0.

Coaching for clarity, direction, expansion and balance

Whoever we are, wherever, whenever, we have those times when we just can’t see the path. Too many options? Too few? Not sure what our purpose is, or how to manage competing desires and demands? Worried about an issue or obstacle in our life that we don’t know how to handle, and it won’t shift by itself? We all sometimes contribute to the issue unwittingly through our diehard habits or patterns of thinking; those grooves of seeing ourselves and the world that unconsciously we have worn into furrows over time and believe that they must constitute reality.

Coaching provides a safe and confidential space in which coachees can be supported to explore an issue, set an agenda to resolve it, identify and evaluate options, prioritise and commit to actions and decisions. It  is a non-judgemental process through which the coach does not presume to know better than the coachee what they need. It works on the premise that the person who is wrestling with an issue is also the person who holds the key to the solution. I see coaching as a partnership of equals, to which coach and coachee contribute in distinct ways to help the coachee achieve their goal.

All my coaching is currently online, partly due to the global pandemic, but also so that I can support international coachees.