Drawing Experience

Drawing by Philmikejones. CC BY-SA 2.0

Drawing by Philmikejones. CC BY-SA 2.0

The use of drawing to express experience is a familiar tool in the repertoire of many teachers, although it is not always the most comfortable of undertakings for those of us less adept at it. So here we share stories of drawing experiences which may not have been the most enjoyable but raise interesting questions about why they were challenging or disquieting experiences.


The Drawing Factory is Alison’s story of her day at a drawing workshop,¬†deliberately chosen to make her experience something out of her comfort zone and get back in touch with her students feel when she asks them to do things they look askance at.

Tim Williams’ movie on the use of charcoal to draw people’s perceptions of the academic experience is below,

while here is a link to examples of Julian Burton’s use of Visual Dialogue at his creative consultancy Delta 7

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