Duck Rabbit

Jastrow's Duck Rabbit, 1899

Jastrow’s Duck Rabbit, 1899

Duck Rabbit is an inventive activity demonstrated in the following video by David Garner, using Jastrow’s 1899 bistable image of the Duck Rabbit. You may already have seen this image in various guises and can find all kinds of re-interpretations of it through any web search. In Chapter 4 we discuss David’s use of Duck Rabbit as a means of shaking up students perceptions about what they see and have to do in certain kinds of learning situations, and how the ambiguity and uncertainty of these can be both liberating and unnerving.


To accompany the chapter extract and video, here too is an excerpt from the blog of Irina Gorelik, a Fashion Design student who wrote a critical reflection of her experience of Duck Rabbit and the impact it had on her. You can read the transcript of her entry on Duck Rabbit here: Irina Reflection or visit her reflective blog including this piece, which she has kindly agreed to share with us retrospectively.

For anyone interested in reading more about the psychological aspects of Jastrow’s work here is an article by Michael Pettit “Joseph Jastrow: the psychology of deception and the racial economy of observation”

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