Energy and Morale

Harvey says "hello snow"

Harvey says “hello snow”

In Chapter 10 we consider a range of different issues to do with keeping energy and morale high in our lifewide activities, with a particular focus on teaching and learning practices. These included the playful (but effective!) use of specific approaches, such as adopting animal analogies for developing students’ understanding of their own metacognition, expressing mood, stamina and emotion through plates, timelines and reflectionnaires, and also explored wider, philosophical positions on morale, such as Appreciative Enquiry and Strengths Based Learning, as positive and enhancing modes of considering our learning development. On PPD Coach there are two resources on confidence also, one of which links to an external resource which was originally about confidence, but has now shifted emphasis onto mental health. Both of these are significant issues for both staff and students in an increasingly uncertain, competitive and demanding higher education sector in the UK and beyond. Confidence has also been central to the educational experiences of many students with specific learning difficulties and disabilities: for this reason we include the case study of the Seeing is Believing project here, which reveals three important things: the imagination at work in overturning assumptions about what a blind or partially sighted student can do, the past damage done to confidence and self esteem by ill-informed or uncaring teachers and institutions, and the ways both of these can be mended through positive and innovative learning encounters.

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