Finn Stone Lego Stilettos

Finn Stone Lego Stilettos

In these pages we differentiate between the many different uses to which LEGO is put, and only scratch the surface with our illustrations – there is world of LEGO out there! In particular we point out the ways in which LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a set of techniques and approaches varies from Other Things LEGO, and share our experiences of using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a means of communicating the evolution of our book to each other. The movies which mark developmental points in the early stages of writing together can be found here:Writing in LEGO.  These differences are embodied in our images above and below: the first, British Artist Finn Stone’s Lego Stilettos, and the second, a shared build at the end of a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop – one recognisable with an easily accessible meaning, the other abstract and the complex meanings concealed.




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