Engaging Imagination

9781118409473.pdfYou’ll find that our book Engaging Imagination is divided into three parts – opening with an introduction to our fields and frames of thinking, followed by a central section containing creative techniques and case studies and concluding with our authorial reflections on writing this book.

In this section you will find links to videos and materials that supplement some of those you find in Engaging Imagination; you can view and use them independently from the book but will find combining the two offers the fullest picture. We have deliberately picked themes, rather than chapter titles,  as many ideas, strands, references and narratives permeate and traverse our chosen areas of discussion. These include things we have found since going to press and which we will keep adding to: this is quite hard to do as they could fit under more than one of our headings! For ease of reference, however, where we are directly linking to images, people or activities discussed in specific chapters, this is made clear. Click here to find out more about the book and purchase it from the publisher and on the following themes below to find supplementary materials:

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