Playing, Creating, Imagining

make love not dinnerWandering around London’s Soho district early one Spring morning I found this play on words which amused me – not least because as the neon sign flashed on and off I had to pick exactly the right moment to click and capture it.  Other examples of playful approaches which have recently inspired include creative research methods and creative explorations of pedagogy such as the Look-Make-Learn Visual Transformations in Teaching and Learning Conference, January 2014, held at London Metropolitan University by ALDinHE (the UK Association of Learning Developers in Higher Education). A first hand account of the event is provided here of University Teaching Fellow and learning developer Sandra Sinfield‘s encounter with the innovative and unexpected.
Playing is also at the heart of a creative approach to developing research skills through Six Degrees of Separation, a concept which may well be no familiar, and which has been used in this example as part of a first year induction into skills required for higher education.

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