where NOT to put a Pod

where NOT to put a Pod



In Chapter 7 we explored how alternative spaces and terrains such as rooftop gardens, labyrinths and inflatable ‘pods’ opened up different dimensions to reflection in all its forms and for its diverse purposes. If you are not sure what a Pod is, this video will help you!






On Alison’s PPD Coach site you can find information on ‘How To Pod’ and examples of student Pod reflections by clicking on the link here, then Reflection on the tree trunk (this will become clear when you do it) and then on each of the Pod resources listed  underneath), while here we provide accompanying insights to the Pod in motion.

Rob Lakin describes how the Pod came to be used as a reflective space on part time degree programmes and the impact it had on student reflection here:

Our Dr Pod film here is a short introduction to the eponymous reflective guide and Alison’s alter-ego (or one of them):

Ryan is a dancer, choreographer and fashion design graduate who used Pods and video diaries extensively and who is a devotee of reflection in all its forms. His mini biography of his experiences as a mature and well travelled student is combined with a reading and discussion activity:  Video Reflection Ryan

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