PPD Coach

Poster in London's Soho district

Poster in London’s Soho district

PPD in the UK stands for Personal and Professional Development, and is known widely too as Personal Development Planning (PDP). Alongside (or, depending on your institution, integrated within) the main subject of study it is the part of the curriculum in which students develop their capacities for metacognition, a term diversely interpreted to cover ‘thinking about thinking’, ‘learning how to learn’ self-awareness and self-efficacy. It is the area of study where students plan, review, monitor and advance their learning through all kinds of strategies, capacities and dispositions, and is closely associated with all forms of reflection.


Alison created a visual online resource, PPD Coach, over a three year period to provide a complementary collection of materials for staff and students to use in tandem with those already existing which concentrate on text-based reflection and skills. Although the site is no longer being updated, it offers substantial resources for addressing reflection through visual and multisensory approaches, as well as writing, with a focus on identity and self construction rather than skills enumeration, although the first can go hand in hand with the latter.

PPD Coach

PPD Coach is not a systematic teaching tool, with specified activities and ways of using. Rather it is a collection of stimuli, activities and discussion points for anyone to use as they see fit. To get you started there is a ‘How To Use’ video heading up the list on the tree trunk (see above) and also a short introduction to its background which can be located by clicking on the newspaper on the bench.

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