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Here are some of my publications, not including other kinds of writing, conference presentations, talks, editorial and journal panel work and anything predating 2013 etc. Not in this list are three projects I’m working on; one with Dale Sidebottom and Richard Cheetham on play for wellbeing and transformation, one with Rikke Toft Norgard and colleagues for the Playful University book and one with Rikke and Alex Moseley for the Playful Academic edition of the Journal of Play in Adulthood. Lovely!


James, A., and Nerantzi, C. (2019) The Power of Play in HE: creativity in tertiary learning Palgrave Macmillan.

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Online publications

Nerantzi, C., and James, A. (2019) LEGO® for university learning: inspiring academic practice in higher education. Open source guide on using LEGO and techniques based on the LEGO® Serious Play® method, available online at

Nerantzi, C., and James,  A., (2018) (guest editors) Discovering Innovative Applications of LEGO in learning and teaching in higher education, a special issue of the International Journal of Management and Applied Research

James A (2015) Innovative Pedagogical Practices: Innovating in the Creative Arts with LEGO. Commissioned by the Higher Education Academy. Available at

Book chapters (published unless otherwise stated)

James, A.(2020). helping penguins to play: how play at university can foster positive mental health and wellbeing. In Helping Penguins to Swim. Karisa Krcmar (Ed). E book Published by Inspired by learning.

James, A (2019) Play and Playful Learning in Higher Education . Entry in The Encyclopaedia of Educational Innovation, edited by Michael A Peters and Richard Heraud. Springer.

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James A (2017)Connecting research, inquiry and communities in the creative curriculum”, chapter in Fung, D., Carnell, B., and Tong, V., (ed) Disciplinary Approaches to Connecting the Higher Education Curriculum.

Open Access link

James, A (2017) Case study “Transition as metaphor: how building with LEGO® helps students navigate teamworking for an external client” in Transition: in, through and out of higher education Eds Matheson., R, Tangney., S, Sutcliffe., and Poole, N. Taylor & Francis.

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Selected Journal/pressArticles

James, A,. (2020) The Power of Play in HE. Article in Dyslexia Review. Volume 30, No. 1. Spring 2020.

James, A. (2017) “Why Play Matters in a World of REF, TEF and What the Jeff.” In Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 10, No.3. University of Greenwich. ISSN 2044-0073

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James, A. (2013) “Lego Serious Play. A three dimensional approach to learning development” in the Journal for Learning Development In Higher Education.   Issue 6, November 2013. ISSN:1759-667X