Story and Metaphor

Tell Us About It submission

Tell Us About It submission

In Chapter 5 we share multiple examples of story and metaphor, including the Tell Us About It initiative at the University of The Arts, London, through which high achieving students from mixed backgrounds create visual and multisensory narratives of their learning experiences.


This report (highlighted in the blue link above) by Terry Finnigan, Head of Widening Participation at the London College of Fashion, describes the rationale for, & outcomes of, Tell Us About It.

Student evocations of their time at university, such as those presented through Tell Us About It, are multifaceted and come in many forms: some are symbolic and metaphorical, others more narrative in nature.We include just a few examples to illustrate below, although we suggest reading our chapter and the accompanying report first, for context.

“U is for University” by Ravi Sohanpal can be viewed here while another example by Himanshu Desai is entitled The Struggler’s Theme – entirely animated and narrated by the student author who also created the soundtrack. It conveys powerfully and succinctly in two and a half minutes what it felt like to be an international student coming to London for the first time. A third example is by Obie Campbell, who illustrates graphically and with text key themes and experiences.

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