Talks, Workshops etc

Someone got in touch recently and said “we’d love you to do a talk for us but we don’t know if you do that sort of thing”. Well, yes, yes I do.

And in case you also were wondering what I get up to this is a big ole scrolly list (sorry) of some of the  keynotes, workshops, advising, examining, coaching I’ve been involved in.

2020 was mostly online webinars, either for specific events or as an in-house series for university clients. Highlights (for me) included a keynote at the inaugural Playposium, a most excellent event organised by professorsatplay, participating in Playful Intercultural Dialogues series organised by the Playful University Platform and co- presenting Getting Creative in Learning and Teaching at a Time of Crisis at the SRHE with Chrissi Nerantzi.

I spent a large chunk of the year on course design, as well as my research. Before the world closed down I did manage to do two face to events:

I was delighted to run a creativity workshop for Politecnico Torino in February in support of our shared interests in the multinational OECD collaboration to foster creativity and critical thinking at university.

Hot on the heels from Turin I was equally happy to be rejoining members of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists for our annual Markers Day. This is always a fabulous event – fun, productive, enlightening and I get to work with a great group of people.

Some events from 2019  also give you a sense of what I am about. I was thrilled to be invited to speak at the University of Bolton’s TEDX in October 2019 – a student-organised event with excellent engagement and truly thought provoking speakers. Link to my talk coming soon but in the meantime here are some photos, including a lovely tweet, one of me as a waxwork and another which shows how much changes when you don’t get the whole title in…

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 08.51.17

A list of recent events follows but if you don’t have time for that and just want a picture version of something I’ve been talking about recently here it is, courtesy of @katrina_swanton at Edinburgh Napier and her brilliant sketchnoting…

myy talk EN visualised copy


I also work with individuals to set and achieve goals according to their own agenda and in academic and professional contexts. You can see what a few of them have said on my Testimonials page.

Past talks, keynotes and workshops

Now some of the below may already look like ancient history (2018? When was that?!?) but if you don’t know what I do it may still be a useful window on my world…

In the UK I have run creativity/LEGO workshops at many universities; including Aberystwyth, Anglia Ruskin, Aston, Kingston, Bedfordshire, Birmingham, Cass Business School, Christchurch Canterbury, De Montfort, Portsmouth, Plymouth,  Middlesex, London South Bank,Ruskin School of Art,  Southampton Solent, Surrey, UAL, Warwick, Westminster, Wolverhampton, and the HEA Conference, and the National Playwork Conference in Eastbourne.

Abroad (do we still say that?) I have spoken at numerous locations in the States, keynoting at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and running workshops at the Universities of Virginia, Maryland and a knowledge exchange visit to the University of Pennsylvania, among others. The photo below was taken in the Crown Room of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, Feb 2018.  Stephen Brookfield and I were doing a play and creativity workshop for the Learning and the Brain conference, hosted with Stanford University. It was 8.15 on a Saturday morning and I thought no-one would come, or if they did, it would be for the incredible views of the bay. Thankfully the room was packed and participation was great – 150 of us committed to the case of play in further and higher education.

our workshop

Been and Gone – some highlights from 2019

January……….my annual Assessment Day for the Society of Cosmetic Scientists & a webinar on playful learning for Liverpool Hope University

frank su tweet re my livhope web

February…….a LEGO workshop for Bournemouth University

April…………Play and Creativity Festival at Winchester. This year three days instead of a week but it will be packed!

June…………..Keynotes at Edinburgh Napier Learning and Teaching Day and at London Metropolitan University Learning & Teaching Conference

July…………….Keynote, Playful Learning Conference, Leicester

Loooooong Gone…….2018

December 5th ….talk at King’s London about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in business management education

November 28th Judging at the inaugural DMU Mindbuilder competition, with a talk on Play in HE that you can view here 

November 13 and 26…..using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to explore research, running two workshops at the University of Manchester, with Methods@Manchester and at the University of Sheffield for the White Rose Partnership

November 15…webinar for SUN on play and creativity in further and higher education

November 7 I was also delighted to support my great colleague Professor Marcus Leaning as he received his NTF in Edinburgh…

under the railway clock at The Caley

October 15/16….thrilled to bits to be invited to Abertay University by Alastair Robertson, Director https://playandcreativityfestival.wordpress.comof Learning & Teaching Enhancement, for their excellent conference on Learning through Co-Design. I ran a workshop exploring co-design with LEGO at the newly opened V&A Dundee which was a joy, and then gave a keynote on play, creativity and co-design the next day. Also got to see RSS Discovery and have a whizz round the McManus Museum. Both stunning and I can’t wait to go back.

September 6/7 I attended a two day briefing in Paris at the OECD with my colleague Professor Paul Sowden, spearheading the University’s involvement in a multinational research project into fostering and assessing creativity. Details here.

July …at Winchester I ran my annual LEGO workshop for primary school students seeking to understand what university might be like for them, through our Juniversity project – a fantastic initiative to open doors, widen horizons and raise aspirations. The children see it as coming to Hogwarts! Here’s one we made earlier…

May 17…SEDA webinar on play and creativity for staff and educational developers

May 9… I ran my annual workshop on assessment for the Society of Cosmetic Scientists in Piccadilly – a great day and chance  to work with diverse specialists working in a dispersed, online domain.

January…awayday at Marwell Zoo with University of Portsmouth colleagues, facilitating a departmental exploration of a new vision with LEGO