A few kind words…thanks guys!These relate both to face to face events and also the many online sessions I’ve run since 2020 – whether workshops, talks, teaching or one to one coaching/advising.


The Lego Method workshop was the best I’ve attended! It was fun, interactive, revealing and reflexive. I learnt a lot about myself and how others view the world. Alison is an excellent facilitator, knowledgeable, kind and encouraging. I highly recommend her workshop. Everyone should have the opportunity to ‘play’ and learn at work! (Dr Lisa Williams, Director methods@manchester)

Alison always brings a wealth of experience to our focus our discussions on what our professional training course could and should be offering. With her academic understanding of teaching, learning and evaluation of outcomes, Alison presents the issues in a very accessible creative and engaging way. I still cannot eat humus without remembering, with a wry smile, the exercise Alison gave us to improve our understanding of assessment criteria; fun and informative is Alison’s style. (Steve Barton, SCS)

I thoroughly enjoyed the session conducted by Alison James. It was an immensely useful and well-structured day. I particularly like the fact that, although Alison has conducted these sessions before, she manages to bring a fresh perspective each time, striking a perfect balance between informing her audience and inviting their comment and discussion. I look forward to future sessions! (Sue Holloway, SCS)

Alison, thank you so very much for a wonderful morning! I’ve had feedback from all saying how much they enjoyed it and they feel relaxed, ready and inspired”(Convenor, charitable foundation, summer event 2021)


“Alison is an inspirational woman, a person who during my coaching sessions with her helped me to get to know myself better, uncover my strengths, learn how to deal with challenges and turn the negatives into the positives. There is always a silver lining! I found her to be a stimulating person whose creativity and unconventional approach towards coaching was extremely motivational. She is a truly authentic, charismatic and person focused leader. I remain very grateful for the time and attention that she willingly and generously gave to me. It was a beautiful personal development journey for me. Thank you.”

“I have been coached by Alison for the last 6 months at  […] and couldn’t have asked for a better match. Alison is professional, approachable and a pleasure to talk to. She asked the right questions to allow me to consider my motivations and challenges, and what I wanted from my work and future career, then helped me to work on plans and behavioural changes to steer me in the right direction. She was a great listener who seems to genuinely care about her work and supporting others”

“I was fortunate enough to be assigned Alison as my coach at […] and I enjoyed a series of coaching sessions during my first year in post. The value of having dedicated time and space to reflect on and explore areas of development cannot be overstated, and this value was only enhanced by Alison’s careful questioning techniques, which facilitated my own thought processes and helped build my confidence in dealing with often challenging situations.

Alison’s warm, knowledgeable and empathetic style of coaching has been hugely helpful to me in my personal and professional development.  The tools that Alison has suggested have enabled me to reframe my situation and gain a new perspective on both myself and my work.  The vision boarding exercise was particularly powerful in allowing me to visualise and clarify my career goals, and Alison’s input has definitely contributed to my ability to both change career direction and successfully apply for a National Teaching Fellowship this year.

Julia Reeve 26.8.21


This is a wonderful resource and companion to the book. I just bought the book and really enjoy perusing it. There are so many interesting activities, and it is written in such a warm tone. I love that it feels like a dialogue between the two of you. (Dana, on  Engaging Imagination)

i just finished reading/studying “engaging imagination” as it is part of the essential reading materials for UAL MA Academic Practice in Art, Design & Communication

one of many light-bulb moment quotes from this book : page114 ~ learning only really takes place when it has meaning for students …(Iris)