The Value of Play

Following on from The Power of Play I have now embarked on a new line of enquiry about play in HE. I’m calling it The Value of Play, and it does three things; it extends exploration of the use of play in HE, it investigates beliefs about value, and it focusses specifically on play in management education at university.  As it develops I hope it will have some kind of symbolic logo to go with,  but  for now I just have a text version  to tell you a bit more about it. I am delighted and grateful to have been funded by the Imagination Foundation Laboratory, without whose help this two year venture would not be possible. If you have come straight to this page and don’t know anything about me (and would like to) please click on the Welcome and About links in the header.

Through the links below you can access initial project documentation and also – launched January 25th 2020 – a link to an online survey gathering perceptions of play.

The Value of Play Project Information

Researcher Statement and Expectations


Ethical Considerations

Consent Form