Timeline TVOP

The original timeline for The Value Of Play was from September 2019 to September 2021.For reasons I am sure I do not need to explain this has changed a little over the last two years.

The intended face to face data gathering internationally was replaced by a series of semi structured interviews with 65 play proponents and by a survey with 112 participants. Both of these looked at experiences and perceptions of playful learning in HE.

Simultaneously with this primary data gathering I also participated in a range of conferences, events and talks; disseminating  on the hoof, as it were, my emerging findings. These have run to the present time (December 2021) and you can find details of some of these on my talks/workshops page.

Phase 0 of the project ran from September – December 2019 and involved planning, a literature review and methodological design.

Phase 1 ran from January to September 2020 and involved the survey and interviews referred to above. The survey was a gateway mechanism to identify play proponents, a number of whom then participated in fuller interviews.

Phase 2 has overlapped with Phase 1 and has involved the iterative revisiting of data gathered, using a tripartite coding approach. A first draft of all data to date is underway.

The intervention (if I can say that) of a global pandemic and subsequent conversations with my funder have meant that they have graciously given me an additional year to process data and produce outputs. As I am also disseminating concurrently with data gathering this has also served to be a useful testbed and filter for project findings.

As a result Phase 3 has been pushed back to run from September 2021 to September 2022. While this continues to include data analysis and write up and ongoing dissemination,  it also includes additional activities such as the launch of a student facing survey in December 2021. This survey is hoped to provide an interesting foil to participant perceptions of student feelings about, or engagement with play.