Timeline TVOP

Note, July 2020: remarkably, the timeline is just about true to plan, although hopes of being able to travel and run workshops are in a state of suspension.  So, participation is still possible, but in remote form for now.

Participation is actively and widely welcomed across the different phases of the project, which runs from September 2019 to September 2021. Data is being collected through a mixed method approach with a strong focus on qualitative and participatory enquiry. There are three phases of data collection, analysis and dissemination; Phase 0 of the project has run from September – December 2019 and involved planning, a literature review and methodological design.

Phase One: mapping the use of play January – April 2020

An online survey is being employed to establish a picture in time of perceptions of the value of play in HE in general, and for the teaching of management theories and concepts in particular.

NB: This mapping activity will serve to identify where play is not used or welcome as much as it will to gather information on examples of practice. Answers are therefore still extremely valuable even if respondents do not use play-based or playful approaches at present and have no intention of doing so in the future.

Phase Two: exploring play practices, values and beliefs May 2020  – March 2021

Data from the survey will be analysed and participants identified who wish to continue their involvement in the project. Follow up emails/interviews will be used to confirm the nature of continued participation and arrangements made for events to take place. The big change here has been a shift to remote interviews to gather primary data, which started pre-UK lockdown in March 2020 and ran until July 2020. Other data also continue to be generated/gathered through online events as well as broader reading and discussions around play in HE.

Phase Three: April – September 2021

See Phase 2! Collation and dissemination of project information will follow data analysis which is now running June- August 2020.

This focuses on the dissemination of project outputs (including work in progress) and the sharing and discussion of project approaches and tools and identification of future steps.