TVOP Project Information

The Value of Play in Higher Education: an investigation of play-based and playful approaches to learning in higher education, with specific interest in the teaching of management theory and concepts and value systems attached to play.

The information sheets here offer an introduction to The Value of Play in HE research project. They have been been produced for research participants and interested parties wanting to know about its background, aims, and planned outputs.

I am currently writing up the data from the first two years of research and have reformatted the initial information sheets into the following two documents. The information they provide is still accurate; however they reflect the fact that the first one was largely used with educators during the data gathering period January 2020-November 2021 and the second written for students at the launch of a student-facing study in December 2021.

TVOP project information to November 2021

TVOP project information student survey Dec21

Further information on the researcher, participant involvement, ethical considerations, collection and storage of data, timescale and project activities is also available by using the drop down links on this site.