Visual Learning and Reflection

Street Art in London's East End

Street Art in London’s East End

Visual learning ( often in tandem with kinaesthetic/multisensory approaches) is something which runs throughout our text and also permeates these pages. Here we highlight some specific examples of the ways the visual allies itself with creative approaches to reflection.  Visual Culture Walks are one example of many kinds of interpretive walks we can go onto expand our understanding of the relationship between formal learning, the landscape external to the university and how marrying the two informs the shaping of learner identity and response to subject. Duck Rabbit is an activity exploring perception, which we discuss in our text and support with a video demonstration here.  Drawing Experience offers different approaches to capturing experience, while PPD Coach (now defunct thanks to the demise of Flash) was Alison’s visual, online resource for exploring reflection on personal and professional development. (I still have the materials by the way and use them but in new ways – if anyone remembers them and is feeling nostalgic)

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